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Vitalize is defined as 'giving strength and energy to.'
Valentus gives way for superior strength, power, and influence with our leadership, products, and vision.

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Why Valentus

Consumable Product Business

Consumable products that people buy, use, consume and replace often are soap, toilet paper, office supplies, medicines, coffee, contact lenses, water, milk, food, vitamins, batteries, etc. If your business provides products that are being consumed and replaced continuously then your business will grow continuously. This is especially true if your business is subscription based! This means that people will get their products shipped to them on a monthly basis on autopilot while you earn a commission on every sale. Think residual income. Valentus supplies consumable goods that will always be in demand!

Growing Market

Valentus markets an amazing healthy energy drink. The energy drink industry alone is a $52 Billion dollar industry with a predicted 26% annual growth rate in global sales by 2017. Valentus markets both SlimRoast and Trim. The weight loss market is a $205 Billion dollar industry and the global coffee market is at $47 Billion dollars. Immune Boost fits in nicely with the health and wellness niche for which the growth rate is self explanatory! Valentus strategically sells products that will continue to be used and at a growing rate!

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Income Through Distributors & Retail

Understand this point! A number of network marketing companies fail because they rely on distributorship alone. They simply don’t offer a way for people to retail their products. Many people are not comfortable with recruiting other folks as distributors. That's ok! With Valentus, income is created through sales. Many of our distributors focus on creating income simply by retailing products to their friends, colleagues, and coworkers. In fact we desire to have sales focused distributors on our teams. Nevertheless, the volume in a business is what will generate the most income. Sales focused distributors are like GOLD to our team! Valentus pays 25% commission on retail. Distributors may also purchase larger product packages at lower cost which in turn increases the margin!

Training, Tools, & Support

Many companies leave distributors to their own devices and just expect them to figure things out without providing any training or support. We have an established team that has proven methods for you to follow. Step by step training that you complete at your pace. We have a backbone in our company that includes training calls, a done-for-you marketing system, and an outstanding leadership.

Valentus Now Strong Foundation

Strong Foundation

Company Is Created On A Foundation Of Integrity & Is Backed By Business Established Marketers Who Lead By Example.

Valentus Now Committed Support

Committed Support

You Will Join A Team Of Leaders Providing Superb Training Tools To Facilitate Success For Those Ready To Take Action.

valentus now superior product line

Superior Product Line

Products Formulated With The Purest Natural Ingredients To Provide A New Kind Of Health & Vitality For People Worldwide.

valentus now Income Opportunity

Income Opportunity

The Ultimate Compensation Plan With A Profit Structure Unparalleled By Any Pay Plan In Network Marketing Industry.


It is widely known that most health supplements on the market have a bad taste or at least a bad aftertaste. Taste is incredibly important to consumers and Valentus understands this. This is why Valentus has put a great deal of effort into making a supplement that will benefit your body and still has a delicious taste with no poor aftertaste.

Likewise, many companies import their supplements from overseas, where products are manufactured cheaper and are often poorly made. Valentus strives to only sell high quality supplements that are safe, effective, and taste great.

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Much More than Just Another Coffee! Order Valentus Now

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    Valentus Immune Boost

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    Valentus Trim

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    Valentus Energy

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    Valentus SlimRoast

What Is The “12in24 Lifestyle Plan?”

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“If I could show you a way how you could lose 12 lbs. or 12”, or any combination thereof, in only 24 days.... How would that make you feel? You’ll look and FEEL FANTASTIC, it’s simple to follow, doesn’t involve anything painful like traditional dieting, calorie counting, or prescribed exercise.... Just drink 3 delicious drinks per day, 6 days a week, take the 7th day off!

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Be Healthy, Feel Alive and Prevail

Healthy Weight Management

Proprietary Formula

Promotes Mental Alertness

All Natural

Tastes Great

Feel Good Ingredients And Detox Components

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Do Your Mind And Body A Favor

Works In Minutes

Boosts Energy

Lasts For Hours

Packed With Antioxidants

Supports Immune Health

Packed With Vitamins and Minerals

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All Of The Good With None Of The Bad

No Sugar

No Pesticides

No Chemicals

No Artificial Sweeteners


No Preservatives


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Helps Control Appetite To Lose Weight

Controls Appetite

Regulates Sugar Absorption

Regulates Fat Absorption

Burns Fat

Promotes Brain Health And Focus

Elevates Mood



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We Got It All

We provide best. The truth is, the "average" person never sees results in our ground breaking opportunity. That's because "average" people never get off the couch and put in the effort necessary to achieve success. That's why they're considered "average." So if all you want out of life is to be "average" or "typical", we do not recommend becoming an independent distributor. Our goal in life and in everything we do is to be exceptional.

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Incredible Leadership


Superb Products


Universal Vision


Total Compensation Plan


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